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Doctored Locks

i just ordered a bunch of hair from this site
their prices are good and they have really amazing customer service (esp. a girl named Sarah)
the site has been a bit glitchy but they work fast to fix it.
shipping prices aren't bad and they take paypal.

so, for people who can't get synthetic hair in the colours they want, this site is pretty good.

i love giving praise to people who deserve, and this girl (sarah) does. not only did she call me (with permission) to tell me that their site had a glitch, she emailed me when it was fixed, she called me to tell me that one colour was out of stock and asked if i would want to wait a week or pick a different one, and she described the colours better than the chart. not to mention the fact that she was really nice to me the entire time.
for me, customer service usually makes or breaks a deal and this was definitely a good experience.

keep in mind that i haven't actually received my hair yet so, uh, don't blame me if shipping takes a long time.
i just thought that i'd make a post because i had so much trouble trying to buy hair online.
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