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>>survey of sorts

favourite products:
foundation - Covergirl, the long lasting kind.
loose powder - actually, i still buy the darker shades and cut them with babypowder... i think i use cover girl, but its not a favourite
compact - MAC Studio Fix
eyeshadow - MAC/Annabell/Make-up Forever/RAD
eyeliner (pencil) - Annabell
eyeliner (liquid) - MAC, but i find that it tingles when i it on
mascara - MAC's microfiber
blush - i don't wear it too often so i default to MAC
lipstick - MAC
lip liner - nadda.

favourite colours:
eyeshadow - MAC> anything pink/red/anything really, Annabell> best black eyeshadow i've found, RAD> old school. i bought a bunch of these when they went under. my favourite is their gold powder eyeshadow
eyeliner (pencil) - Annabell> black
eyeliner (liquid) - MAC> black
mascara - MAC> black
blush - pink or red (that goes for any brand)
lipstick - MAC> red! Ruby Woo, Russian Red, Dubonnet, Diva
lip liner - nadda.

(copy & paste into an update and fill out
i don't use any base for my eyeshadows so, if you do pls add.)
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