Born to Hand Jive Jackson (grapefruit87) wrote in vibrantvanity,
Born to Hand Jive Jackson


Hi! im alex, i just joined about.......hmmmmm 39 seconds ago. I guess the only way to say hi is to describe my style and ideal look. Here I go:
I like to play with hair styles and make up of the 1920's, some of them are so extreme, they're classy. I love bright lipstick and eyeliner. Eversince I was little I hated anything sheer, when i buy something, I wanna see it, not a see-through version of it. I used to be so shy about everything, now wearing something absurd dosnt even cross my mind. next fall, Im going to the fashion institute of technology in new york to study fine arts, so the change and environment will definitly effect my style. expect many more posts from me after the move! My style icon, dosnt really exist. Margot Tenenbaum from the Royal tenenbaums, Im in love with the hair....the eyeliner....that coat! Im getting that coat one of these days! My favorite look is that whole broken down dolly sorta thing. ya know, like "im so fabulous, i cant brush my hair or wash my face, but i can put on this silk nightie and diamonds and pearls". i like the irony in it, i dont really know what you'd call it, but i love it.
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